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2010 Summer Vacation Put on Hold
added: 2010-07-05

More than half of Americans appear to have put off their plans for this year's summer vacation. And many of those who do plan to take vacation, will likely spend less money than last year.

Public Opinion polling firm StrategyOne recently surveyed more than 1,000 Americans about a range of topics and found that less than 3 in 10 Americans (28%) plan to take a summer vacation this summer. 16% say they have not decided whether they will take a summer vacation or not, and more than half, 56%, have already ruled out taking a summer vacation.

"Forget the beach and the sunscreen, more than half the country is deciding they will forego a summer vacation in 2010," said Bradley Honan, Vice President of StrategyOne, who authored the study.

The vast majority of those who are taking a summer vacation plan to stay within the US (76%), compared with 13% who will travel internationally. A lucky few - 12% - plan to have summer vacations that include time off in the United States and somewhere abroad.

One area of concern is the impact of the rising price of fuel. 3 in 4 Americans (72%) say they are concerned about gas prices this summer as it relates to their family vacation.

With the vast majority (88%) of those who are traveling domestically for vacation reporting they are traveling more than 100 miles away from home, fuel prices will likely stay top of mind.

Additionally, with the troubled economy continuing to dominate Americans' minds, travelers are undoubtedly acting more frugally this summer - nearly half of those planning on taking a summer vacation (48%) say they are spending less than they spent on their last vacation.

Source: PR Newswire

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