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Strong Community Ties Help Wireless Retailers Weather Challenging Economic Times
added: 2010-09-21

In an effort to compete in today's challenging economic environment, wireless retailers are leveraging their status as a local player with community ties to effectively position themselves in the marketplace.

According to a survey of wireless retailers conducted in August by eSecuritel, the expert in comprehensive cell phone insurance and replacement programs, almost 40 percent of the respondents noted that emphasis on their expertise as a local player helps these organizations position themselves as "retailers of choice for handset sales and service". Nearly 30 percent reported the delivery of value-added services for differentiation helps these businesses compete.

"We conducted this survey to examine the issues wireless retailers face, as well as to better understand the methods they are using to survive in today's economy," said David Leach, CEO, eSecuritel. "It is clear that consumers have tightened up their wallets, and these retailers are indeed fighting to maintain and secure market share, and drive revenue through creative strategies."

Wireless Retailers Leverage Community Ties, Online Marketing to Reach Customers

To drive store traffic, just over 41 percent of respondents reported that community activities were among the most popular efforts for getting customers in the door. Online advertising, including local search, placed a close second, with 39 percent of the responses. Traditional offline advertising ranked third for driving store traffic, with 35 percent of the responses.

Respondents also said they were using a mix of social media and web tools to engage with potential and existing customers, including Facebook, Twitter, email outreach, their company website and LinkedIn. In fact, 63 percent said they were using their website, and 51 percent said they were using Facebook, among other engagement tools.

Cell Phone Insurance Viewed Positively as a Potential New Revenue Stream

To measure retailers' perceptions of third-party cell phone insurance, eSecuritel asked respondents if they would consider offering a handset insurance program, in addition to the one available through the carrier who's service they resell, as a means to offset a loss of accessory or other revenue. Two-thirds of respondents (67 percent) would consider a third-party vendor, especially if it could increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. The survey showed that less than half of the respondents are offering third-party mobile phone insurance, in addition to a carrier plan or their own plan.

Source: PR Newswire

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